Implementation for Green Water Management Project (GWM)

စီမံကိန်းကာလ :


To create green water management model in the dryland areas of Myanmar

To promote green water management awareness and best practices to local staffs and farmers through the efficient utilization of rainwater as supplementary water for the year round crops cultivation

To increase food security, food safety, households income and adaptive capacity of poor rural households to climate change and promote market linkages for smallholder farmers

To recommend policy makers for developing green water management in dryland areas of Myanmar

6 demonstration sites

Capacity Building: 200 staffs

TOT training (50 officers for GWM and 34 officers for M&E )

Training for 300 farmers (at least 25% women) ( 9 times)

Supporting demo farm inputs included Biochar Kiln

6 pilot projects (already included about 22 pilot farmers)

Increased climate friendly agricultural (CFA) practices adopted, soil quality improved and income of small holder farmers.

By end of project,

  • Percentage of CFA farmers increased 30% in target village area (at least 30% of which are managed by female);
  • Yield of CFA products increased at least 20% compared to conventional practices;
  • Frequency of watering crops reduced by at least 20%;
  • Population of soil worms increased by 20% compared to conventional farms; and
  • Income of small holder farmers who adopted CFA practices increased by 30%

The impact of Green Water Management project will be increased productivity, production and market access of climate friendly agriculture (CFA) products.

Establishment of demonstration farm for Green Water Management in

  • I. Theingone village, Yamethin Township, Mandalay Region (Demo Farmer: U Min Thet)
  • II. Saegyi village, Yamethin Township, Mandalay Region (Demo Farmer: U Maung Myint)
  • III.   Satcho village, Pyawbwe Township, Mandalay Region (Demo Farmer: Daw Tin Tin)
  • IV. Nakyarhtoo village, Natmauk Township, Magway Region (Demo Farmer: U Kyaw Soe)
  • V.  Shwekwe village, Natmauk Township, Magway Region (Demo Farmer: U Thein Hlaing)
  • VI. Thanngone Village,Myothit Township, Magway Region (Demo Farmer: Daw Myint 2 Mu)

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